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We start the new season with the wonderful Hissyfit.

Bob Fox.

Jimmy Hutchison.

Jimmy Crowley.

Benny Graham and Chuck Fleming.

Barron Brady.

Jody Kruskal.

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham.

Martin and Shan Graebe.


John Kirkpatrick *** Sold Out ***

Tom McConville

Hilary Spencer and Grant Baynham are Quicksilver.

Chris Foster.

Judy Cook

Mike Nicholson

This is the second visit of Granny’s Attic.

We welcome back Dick Miles

We are pleased to have the Snapes back at the club.

Geoff Higginbottom is a powerhouse of song.

Lyn Heraud and Pat Turner, Two ladies with a lot to sing about.

Rosie Calvert and Will Finn are one half of the legendary Teacups.

Will Duke.

Colin Pitts.


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