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After a lot of deliberation the committee has decided to change the start and finishing times of the club.

This will take effect from August 31st 2018 which will be the opening night of the 54th season.

The club will start at 8:00pm and finish at 10:30pm.

As most of you know we stack the chairs and re arrange the tables at the end of each Friday night so as to make the room ready for what ever events there may be occurring through the week. The earlier finishing will assist with this task and let us get home at a more reasonable time.

This change will broadly bring us in to line with the many folk clubs up and down the country and hopefully one of the consequences might be that people who travel a distance to get to the club will come more often.

Please let us know what you think as we would welcome any feedback on this change, either positive or negative. If it appears that the greater majority of our audience are unhappy about the new start and finish times, then we will revisit the decision.

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