Apr 10th. Singers and Musicians Night.

Jeff Brooks

We are always pleased to see new faces on our Singers and Musicians Night, as this is the route most of our regular performers first came to our attention. We try and provide a friendly and supportive space where people either sing play or both while others tell stories or recite. You have to start somewhere why not make it here? Come and join our very loyal listener's some of whom have been with us since the early years of the club.

Door price: £1.50

Apr 17th. Singers and Musicians Night.

Gill Aldous

Singers and Musicians Nights are the backbone of this club. One of the ways this is reflected is when the artists on guest nights remark on the way the audience readily join in their choruses. This we have found out is not true of all clubs. We believe strongly that this stems from Singers Nights where with no pressure people start to join in and continue to do so when they come on guest nights.

Door price: £1.50

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