45 Years of Song

45 Years of Song
Black Diamond Folk Club - 45 Years of Song
CD Now Available.

Price £6 from the club
or £7 inc post & package for UK sales only, contact and consists of a range of songs that, in the main, have been sung by residents and performers at the club in the 45 years that we have been running in Birmingham.

Wild Goose ShantyPaul
The Gallant Frigate AmphitriteDick
Gaol SongAndy
One Starry NightDes
Wizard Of Alderley EdgeDerek
Hard Life On The CutMargaret
The Factory LadPhil
The Farmer From YorkshirePaul
Paddy Lay BackDave
Begging SongDerek acc. Andy
Lord LovellAndy
Teeside BridgesPhil
She moved thro’ the fairJane
The Burbage VolunteerDes
Marching InlandDave
Bring Us A BarrelDerek
When a man's in lovePaul
One More Pull BoysDave
Master KilbyPhil acc. Andy
Bright Morning StarAll

Click to hear samples from the CD ...

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