Four Personalities

At this point I feel I must briefly give thumbnail sketches of the four personalities at the club on the day when I believe the club was truly born.

Stan Burgess.

The driving force behind the whole thing, he was, and still is, someone who has tons of imagination and initiative and does inspire others with his enthusiasm and ideas. Extrovert and a great friend to have… I have been very lucky to know him for most of my life.

Chris Scott-Warwick

Modest, self effacing and very likeable. A quirky character, who could at times, unintentionally, be very funny. Chris was an ardent “Ban the Bomber” but otherwise kept himself to himself. He liked to talk to Erick about higher mathematics.

Erick Gooding.

Awesomely clever but still very tolerant, he was a leading teacher of the new higher mathematics in Solihull and still managed to be likeable and very helpful to any one about almost any academic pursuit. He was a perfectionist and this showed in his musical performances.

Ron Wheeler

Had been a County chess player, He was natural organiser, would take great care and think round all the angles when it was needed. Otherwise was quite carefree, even careless at times. Loyal, though it proved difficult at times. Stan was keen to get him on board, as a friend and to look after the general running of the club.

Kathy Harris

Bright and lively, she helped Ron with looking after the door and welcoming members to the club.

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