Our 51st season started with a hiccup, as the guests booked had to cancel at short notice because of illness. Luckily, some of the committee saw a trio called Granny’s Attic at the Somers Club in Worcester; they were young, available at short notice as well as being talented.  So they started the season off with a packed room and a cracking night of music and songs. They were followed by  a new act to the club, the Bailey Sisters,  and then  a firm favourite, Trio Threlfall. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Finest Kind had to cancel their tour of the UK, so we had to find yet another replacement guest at short notice. This time we managed to find a young trio called Speldosa, who put their youthful slant on songs and music.


November 7th saw the visit to one of our singers’ nights of a mini bus full of singers/musicians from the Grand Union Folk club, including Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham. There were 44 people in the club room with 32 of them being performers, needless to say, it turned out to be a memorable evening. In January, yet another guest had to cancel at short notice. Unfortunately, this time we failed to find a replacement, so no problem, we fitted another singers’ night in.


So far this season we have booked a number of acts doing their first booking at the Diamond, including Blast From The Past and Foxglove Trio, other guests on their second visit were Damian Barber/Mike Wilson and Hector Gilchrist. A unique night for us was booking David Campbell, which meant that in the club’s 51 years of running we had booked 3 generations of the Campbells since 1964: Ian Campbell, Ian’s mother and father, Dave and Betty Campbell and now David.


Then came our 51st birthday night, which turned out to be what was possibly, the best nights’ entertainment we have had, since moving to the Lamp Tavern. Our guests were Magpie Lane, the room was sold out, and the atmosphere was electric. The audience were in great singing voice, which in turn inspired Magpie Lane, and everyone went home on a high. The season was finished off  admirably with three great singers’ nights in a row. 

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