We opened our 44th season with Jez Lowe, who has been one of our favourites for a long time. Jez was followed a fortnight later by Cloudstreet and during their first guest spot we had an unexpected visit from the local fire safety officer, who unfortunately found some safety issues with the Clubroom and promptly closed it down. We were forced to move downstairs, where Cloudstreet finished the night, extremely professionally, in a very cramped lounge bar. We immediately started looking for a suitable venue to host the club while the safety issues at the Globe were sorted out. Luckily, we found what we thought was a suitable room at the City Tavern, a Victorian pub just off Broad Street in Birmingham. We lasted 3 weeks and then had to move having lost a battle with a Karaoke night which started downstairs. Our next temporary venue was the Endwood in Handsworth, which had a large upstairs room that was available immediately.

Our first guest at the Endwood was a 30 strong folk choir called "Stream of Sound", who gave us a real treat, with some wonderful harmonies and great song arrangements. Some of the members of the choir were attending the folk music degree course in Durham, and had travelled back to Birmingham to entertain us. Our "brief" stay at the Endwood lasted almost 12 months before we finally returned to the Globe for the 3rd night of our 45th season in September 2008.

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