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In September 1985, we had to move to The Longboat, Cambrian Wharf, just off Cambridge Street. At this time it was becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable clubroom as pubs were closing or incorporating under-utilised clubrooms into living quarters or restaurants. It was here that we celebrated our 25th birthday over a 3-day period. On the Friday night we booked both Martin Carthy and Les Barker, who gave us a superb night’s entertainment. Their performance of “The Nose of Allen Dale” will go down in the history of the club. The Saturday night saw a meeting, from all over the country, of all the ex-residents and regular attendees that we were able to contact for the biggest singers’ night ever, which we videoed for posterity. On Sunday lunchtime we finished the whole affair off with an informal session for anyone who managed to make it.


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